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Aerospace PR

The aerospace industry is worth £37bn to the UK economy and that’s set to increase in the coming years. This diverse industry, which has numerous applications in the commercial, military and industrial sectors, is complex, scientific and technical. And, of course, it has a wide audience to contend with including policy makers, investors, academics, technology partners and the general public.

Clear and focused messaging is essential. Which is why aerospace PR activity is key for any business working in this, or the space tech, sector.

What can an aerospace public relations campaign achieve? Through news releases, articles, interviews and whitepapers, you can showcase the science behind your work, the real-world benefits to users and recent success stories, and as a result garner support, build and maintain public trust, attract investment and foster partner collaboration.

“Whether you’re looking to launch a new product or raise your profile, aerospace PR will ensure your messaging is seen by the right people at the right time.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

Working with an aerospace and space tech PR agency

At PR Superstar, I work with new and established businesses of all sizes operating in the aerospace and space tech sector, from manufacturers, operators and contractors to regulators concerned with environmental issues.

As with any public relations campaign, I offer a mix of personalised and innovative PR services that align with your strategic objectives. Whether that’s influencing policy, securing investment, raising awareness of your projects, or simply driving traffic to your website, I put together a powerful and results-driven aerospace PR campaign that ensures your organisation stands out in this fast-moving sector.

PR Superstar’s aerospace PR services include:

  • Media relations: Using outstanding media relations with journalists, editors and broadcasters to secure coverage in sector-leading industry publications as well as key national and international media outlets from The Times to The FT and CNN to the BBC.
  • Messaging: Creating strong brand messaging that’s right for the audience, whether that’s customers, partners or investors, and ensure there’s consistent on-brand messaging at every touchpoint across the business.
  • Content creation: Creating content such as news releases, indepth features and case studies, as well organising facility visits, in order to educate and inform the target audience.
  • Social media: Social media can be a powerful tool in the aerospace industry and provides an accessible connection between organisations and the public. PR Superstar creates content for appropriate social media platforms that engages your audience of customers, investors and partners.
  • SEO: Ensuring your business is found by search engines with relevant and keyword rich content.
  • Thought leadership: Establishing your business as thought leaders and pioneers in the aerospace and space tech sector through white papers, podcasts, conferences, round tables, authored articles and guest posts.
  • Media training: Delivering personalised media training that gives you the confidence to stay on-message during interviews and deliver an engaging speech.
  • Crisis management: There are risks associated with the aerospace sector and failures and setbacks do sometimes occur. When that happens PR Superstar uses crisis management to navigate the situation and ensures stakeholder and shareholder perception remains positive.

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Aerospace PR

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