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When it comes to raising the profile of men’s brands, we’ve moved on from the days of bikini-clad babes draped over a product. Fortunately. Modern men feel as uncomfortable about the ‘sex sells’ phenomenon as women do. And it turns out, sex doesn’t sell anyway.

Men’s brands must avoid outdated clichés and stereotypes and connect with men emotionally. And that means being authentic, and simply talking about the product or service in an open and honest way. ‘This will make you a better man’ hyperbole should be avoided at all costs.

For good PR coverage, men’s brands shouldn’t be afraid to associate themselves with issues that affect men directly, from mental health to sexual health, as long as it’s done in a sensitive manner.

What you can expect from a ‘man brand’ PR campaign

From fashion, watches, grooming and fitness, to traditionally male-centric products like cigars and whisky, I achieve coverage for the biggest UK and international brands in the business by focusing on heritage, by using storytelling and by being transparent and authentic – all of which appeal to the modern man tribe.

By presenting your brand as confident, engaging and honest, I secure positive articles, interviews and reviews that appear high on the search engine results page. And I achieve outstanding coverage on the massively popular LADbible site, as well as via more traditional and luxurious routes such as GQ, ShortList, Men’s Health, Mr Porter, Esquire and Sunday supplements like The Sunday Times Style.

I create a buzz around your brand and product that gets people talking and sharing.

“On the first day I started working with Jill Kent she got me a big article in The London Evening Standard. It brought me more revenue than the cost of PR Superstar for that year, and an Esquire feature about my business became the magazine’s most read article ever!” – Tim Walker, founder & head trainer, Evolution of Man

Men’s brands PR success stories

I first worked with fitness guru Tim Walker and his business, Evolution of Man, to PR his no-nonsense training programme for men ‘Warrior Workout’ and then his new London-based gym. As well as coverage in the London press including The London Evening Standard, Metro, City AM and Square Mile, Evolution of Man was also featured in Men’s Health, GQ, ShortList, Mr Porter and Esquire. Read more.

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