Human Resources Public Relations: How to attract new business and new talent

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A public relations campaign has the power to transform any human resources business, in the same way it has any other company. Clever PR activity can help a HR company build a reputation and attract new clients across a range of sectors.

But these days, the role of public relations in human resources is twofold: external AND internal.

Smart human resources departments are now recognising the value of using public relations methods to attract new talent into the organisation and to communicate effectively with their staff with well thought through internal comms campaigns.

“PR has traditionally come under the marketing umbrella. But PR and HR are working together more than ever to change culture, restructure organisations and ensure employees are brand ambassadors. Public relations and human resources both value the importance of clear communication and good relationships. So it’s a natural fit.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

Putting together a human resources PR campaign

At PR Superstar, I work with the marketing teams of human resources businesses to reach new clients.

And I also work with HR leaders in human resources departments in large corporations to attract new talent, inspire employees and support change management.

Securing new leads through PR

Any results-driven PR campaign begins by identifying the target audience, then finding ways to differentiate your HR business from your competitors. Then I ensure your messages are heard by the right people at the right time.

My human resources PR services include:

  • Using my unbeatable network of business journalists at a national and international level to raise the profile of your HR company and generate sales leads.
  • Creating outstanding content including smartly crafted news releases, articles and pitches to ensure your key messages are communicated and your senior staff are established as industry thought leaders.

Using PR to attract and retain talent

If you want to position your business on a ‘top companies to work for’ list, HR and PR must work together in order to attract new talent into the business, and to inspire and motivate the staff already employed.

My HR PR services include:

  • Social media management of platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. These give you the opportunity to get involved in one-to-one conversations with prospective employees and raise your company’s profile. LinkedIn, especially, is the ideal platform for sharing thought leadership content from senior management while Instagram is an opportunity to showcase the personality of the business.
  • Securing industry press coverage that focuses on employee stories and achievements.

Improving employee relations through PR

Following a merger, a PR crisis, commercial difficulties, an office relocation or even an introduction to news ways of working, a well-managed PR campaign under the auspices of the HR department ensures a steadying of the ship.

My human resources PR services include:

  • Delivering internal comms campaigns that engage and motivate employees and ensure ongoing loyalty.

Discover how HR public relations can benefit your business.


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