Thought Leadership PR: Raising Your Profile and Building Credibility

Thought Leadership PR

Thought leadership public relations is an important part of your overall PR and marketing strategy, as it helps you influence your industry and establishes you as an authority. As a result, there’s a positive effect on the bottom line, whether you’re a CEO running a business or an author selling books.

Thought leadership PR activity is about enhancing your online and offline profile in order to build a platform for you to share your ideas, thoughts and opinions.

A carefully constructed thought leadership public relations strategy results in greater media coverage, and better engagement with key audiences and stakeholders.

Ultimately, that leads to more exposure for your brand or business. This results in lead generation; it improves your business’s reputation by giving it a ‘real’ voice; and it boosts sales too by building awareness and trust.

“Thought leadership PR is about shaping and enhancing your offline and online profile so you become a trusted resource and the go-to person in your industry.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

Working with a Thought Leadership PR Agency

As a thought leadership PR agency, PR Superstar has a wealth of experience in raising the profile of industry leaders, from CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors, to authors, academics, philanthropists and creatives.

Before a thought leadership PR strategy is put in place, I start by getting to know what you stand for, what you do and your expertise in your field. I also take a dive into your current activities, including your social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Next I put a PR programme together that positions you as a thought leader in your field, ensures your opinions are sought after by the media and enables you to reach your stakeholders and target audience.

Thought Leadership Public Relations Services

PR Superstar’s thought leadership PR services include:

  • Media coverage: Securing profile pieces in industry press; helping you create opinion pieces and guest articles; and ensuring radio and TV coverage
  • Speaking engagements: Arranging keynote talks, booking panel discussions and podcast interviews
  • Online profile: Create organic content, engaging with influencers and optimising online biographies
  • Social media engagement: Creating content and ensuring a consistent tone of voice across all channels
  • Industry awards: Applying to industry awards in order to raise your profile
  • Collaborations: Helping you collaborate with other industry leaders in order to reach new audiences
  • Media training: Giving you the confidence to stay on message during interviews and learning how to deliver an engaging talk.

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Thought Leadership PR

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