Freelance PR: Choosing a public relations consultant

Freelance PR

When it comes to public relations, it pays to work with a professional.

Coverage in the national newspapers or an interview on BBC TV News is worth its weight in gold if you’re launching a new product or business or trying to raise your profile. And professional PR support is absolutely essential if you or your business face some kind of crisis.

But did you know there are different types of PRs you can work with, from freelance PR consultants to public relations agencies. So who should you choose?

What’s the difference between a PR agency and a PR freelancer?

A public relations agency is a team of PR pros, including account managers, who may specialise in one particular sector such as beauty or property.

On the other hand, a freelance PR consultant is likely to be a public relations solopreneur, like PR Superstar, a results-led senior PR pro who’s worked for years in the business and has achieved outstanding results along the way.

Why you should hire a freelance public relations consultant

The personal relationship you build with a PR freelancer is second to none. They’re the only person you work with so they quickly understand who you are and what your business is all about. With an agency you may start off talking with a director but very quickly your point of contact may be a junior member of the team with very little experience.

Freelance PRs can be more reactive too. Perhaps something on social media needs addressing quickly or a journalist requires a quote. A freelancer can respond fast. Whereas an agency may have a layer of account managers to work through in order to get something done.

An experienced freelance PR consultant has a passion for every PR campaign they work on. And that’s often unmatched by agencies, even good ones. Freelancers are business owners too and the success of their business relies on their reputation and the ability to deliver 100% on each project. It means they’re likely to go over and above when it comes to your PR activity.

And then of course there’s the cost. No decent PR professional is cheap. But chances are an agency will be significantly more expensive than a freelancer as they have overheads and staff to pay for. With a freelance PR professional, you’re paying for their expertise, contacts and results. Not a nice swanky office somewhere in Soho.

Client satisfaction is key too. As a freelance PR consultant with over 25 years in the media, so many clients come to PR Superstar having had a disappointing experience with a big PR agency including results, costs and accountability.

This doesn’t apply to all PR agencies, of course. But it is one of the many reasons companies choose to work with experienced PR freelancers like PR Superstar.

What skills should a freelance PR consultant have?

A PR freelancer with all the experience of a big PR agency is the best hire you can make.

A freelance public relations consultant must have:

  • Outstanding media relations: I’ve worked as a freelance PR consultant with almost three decades in the media. During that time, I’ve got to know the leading editors and journalists and have written about everything from finance to food.
  • Great storytelling abilities: Being a successful freelance PR involves much more than writing a news release and emailing it to hundreds, known in the industry as the ‘spray and pray’ technique. I pitch ideas and articles with interesting angles to specific journalists. They’re picked up and published because I know the type of stories they’re looking for.
  • A cool head in a crisis: Sometimes things go wrong and crisis PR is called for. As a freelancer, I can be easily contacted and can respond quickly. I’m a safe pair of hands when you need it.
  • A portfolio of success stories: I have years of experience and can walk the walk. The coverage I have achieved for my clients has boosted sales, raised profiles and enhanced credibility.

At PR Superstar, I offer a range of results-driven freelance public relations services across a number of different sectors. Find out more. Get in touch now.

Freelance PR

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