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“Jill Kent is a true PR Superstar. It’s a breath of fresh air to find someone who has the know-how, ethics of the highest order, and a passion for delivering results that are second-to-none. Many PR people talk the talk, but PR Superstar walks the walk. The fact that Jill has achieved better coverage for us than many of the flashy PR agencies in the West End speaks volumes.”

Vashi Dominguez, Founder and CEO, Diamond Manufacturers

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Background and Brief

After being bitterly disappointed by big PR agencies that had failed to deliver, diamond entrepreneur Vashi Dominguez, the CEO of online jeweller Diamond Manufacturers, hired me to handle all aspects of his personal and company’s PR.

I was briefed to deliver outstanding media coverage, both in terms of quality and quantity in the London and national press, as well as high-profile business and consumer magazines and TV. The goal was to raise awareness of Diamond Manufacturers, a fast-growth online diamond business, with annual sales of £10m.

Campaign and Results

I pitched Dominguez and his diamond jewellery ecommerce business as bravely taking on US jewellery giant Tiffany & Co, with prices that are up to 80% less than those on the High Street. And I focused on his expert status as well as his personal story. A story that includes this former law student studying diamonds in his early 20s and touring the world’s diamond centres, from Antwerp and Mumbai to Tel Aviv and New York, to break into the tight-knit diamond industry.

I quickly pulled in the results too, with multiple profile pieces in the London and national media including numerous full-page and double-page spreads in the likes of The Daily Telegraph. To prick the interest of journalists, I created a ‘Diamond Masterclass’ so they could learn about diamonds and the all-important 4Cs. This approach caught the eye of the likes of Tatler magazine and The Times. I secured further media coverage in The FT and on BBC TV with mouthwatering statistics about the global price of diamonds increasing by up to 30% and beating nearly all other forms of investments. I also organised a press trip with Dominguez to Europe’s diamond capital, Antwerp, which resulted in oodles of international coverage including a five-minute film that played on Sky News every hour on Christmas Day.

Dominguez also appeared before audiences of millions on national and international TV, including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky News, and CNN and Bloomberg TV.

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