Art PR: Showcasing artworks and artists to a wider audience

Art PR

The American artist Keith Haring declared ‘art is for everybody’. Which is true. But artists or artworks are rarely discovered by accident. Instead, to reach as wide an audience as possible, artists, art organisations, companies and art institutions must be proactive in getting their name known in order to build their brand.

This is where the power of art PR comes in.

Art PR is nothing new, of course. In the 1950s, the American pop artist Andy Warhol understood the power of PR for artists. He knew exactly how to gain the media’s attention in order to build his brand and generate large revenues for his work.

Public relations campaigns for artists and art organisations have the ability to increase your visibility and help create a buzz, both in the press and online. And that means more visitors, more sales, and ultimately, a boost for the bottom line.

“The art world is competitive and crowded. Artists and art organisations must be savvy if they want to compete for eyeballs. An art PR campaign can introduce a new artist or new work to the public. Or, help elevate an established artist or art institution to new heights.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

Working with an art PR firm

As one of only a few experienced art public relations firms, PR Superstar works with artists, art galleries, art organisations, print makers, exhibitions and art festivals across the UK and globally.

How each individual art PR campaign is designed and delivered will vary and will depend on the artist or arts organisation involved.

But as part of any artist or art public relations campaign, I first look at the audience you’re trying to reach. Then I devise a results-driven art PR campaign that helps build a relationship between you and that audience.

PR Superstar’s art PR services include:

  • Media relations: Using an extensive database of journalists, art writers, culture editors and influencers to secure top-tier coverage in national and international press and across digital channels, as well as specialist art publications, and luxury and lifestyle magazines
  • Content creation: Creating creative storytelling around the latest projects, exhibitions, awards, studio life and collaborations
  • Interviews: Securing interviews for artists, gallery owners and business owners with broadcast media and podcasts, to promote the latest work, up-and-coming exhibitions or a new project
  • Media training: Ensuring everyone is comfortable being interviewed on camera and can talk about the artwork in an engaging way
  • Events: Active journalist outreach and guest list management for exhibitions, openings and new product launches
  • Influencer engagement: Working closely with influencers to increase online visibility and build a buzz around the work
  • Sponsorship opportunities: Seeking out partnerships for potential sponsorships of artists or exhibitions
  • Relationship building: Helping artists and art institutions develop relationships with buyers, collectors and curators.

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Art PR

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