Trade PR: Reaching industry decision makers

Trade PR

Trade PR. It’s often overlooked in favour of the altogether more colourful and glossier consumer PR. But a trade communications campaign should be an integral part of your brand’s marketing strategy. And this is especially true for the food and drink industry for example.

Unlike the consumer press which has a wide and varied audience, trade publications have a niche readership with a specific interest in your industry. Trade PR puts you in front of the decision-makers: Those buyers and bookers who decide whether to stock your product or to buy in to your service.

Another benefit of trade PR is that media outlets and broadsheets often look to the trade press when they’re seeking industry trends or developments, or when they’re after an industry expert for a comment. Appearing in the trade press gives credibility to any story and often leads to coverage in the mainstream media too.

With regular stories and coverage in the trade press, businesses can build brand recognition with industry leaders, generate investment and boost their industry profile.

“The trade press is invaluable when it comes to shining a light on a new or relaunched product or service as trade magazines are a trusted and widely read resource of industry information, analysis and perspective.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

What you can expect from trade PR activity?

At PR Superstar, I work hard to secure coverage in the trade press for a range of clients, from hospitality and leisure to property and media.

Why are my trade PR campaigns so successful?

  • Trade PR is as much about storytelling as any other PR activity. So as part of any trade public relations campaigns, I make sure the story around your product or service is compelling.
  • Outstanding media relations. Trade journalists like facts, not fluff. I carefully craft each story and tailor it for the appropriate section, whether that’s a feature, news coverage or opinion piece.
  • Understanding the audience. Readers of the trade press have different interests and concerns compared to consumer press readers. And it varies from industry to industry too. I ensure that the messaging is right for each audience.
  • Training your spokesperson. Having someone in place who can answer questions and provide even more detail is key to maximising coverage opportunities for your brand. Through media coaching I make sure your spokesperson is interview ready.
  • Forward planning: Trade publications have their content planned well in advance. I make sure I know what features are coming up to ensure client articles and news releases reach the publication on time.

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Trade PR

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