Edtech PR: Using public relations to educate your audience

From apps to AI. From VR to robots. From ebooks to interactive whiteboards. The edtech industry is booming and educational technology is changing the way students learn and teachers teach.

All edtech companies have the desire to transform education. But with the number of educational technology services growing rapidly, it’s hard for companies in this competitive marketplace to stand out.

This is why Edtech PR is essential.

An innovative edtech public relations campaign with clear messaging and storytelling, has the power to cut through the noise and get in front of the people that matter, whether that’s teachers, schools and universities, government education departments or investors.

Edtech PR makes sure the right message reaches the right audience at the right time, resulting in media coverage, lead generation, an increase in website traffic and an uptick in the sales figures.

“The edtech sector is innovative, creative, forward thinking and smart. A successful edtech PR strategy is exactly the same.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

What you can expect from your edtech PR activity

From edtech start-ups to established global businesses, PR Superstar works with a range of edtech providers, to help showcase your accomplishments, launch new products and services, raise the profile of the management team and share stories about how your brand is improving the teaching and learning experience.

Any successful edtech PR campaign uses a range of PR approaches in order to create a buzz around edtech products and services.

Some of PR Superstar’s edtech PR services include:

  • Messaging: Creating strong brand messaging that sets your products and services apart from your competitors, and ensuring there’s consistent on-brand messaging at every touchpoint across the business
  • Content creation: Creating content such as news releases, features and case studies that educate the target audience
  • Media relations: Using outstanding media relations with journalists, editors and broadcasters to secure coverage in the edtech, education and technology publications, as well as the national press
  • Social media: Creating content for appropriate social media platforms that engages your audience
  • Partnering with influencers: Working with education influencers with a high number of social media followers, or well-known education blogs
  • SEO: Ensuring your business is found by search engines with relevant and keyword rich content
  • Thought leadership: Establishing your business as thought leaders and pioneers in the edtech sector through white papers, podcasts, conferences, round tables, articles and guest posts.

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