Artificial intelligence public relations: Forward-thinking PR for AI businesses


If your business is in the artificial intelligence sector, having an AI PR agency on board is an absolute necessity rather than a nice-to-have.

We know how AI is capable of transforming industries such as healthcare, education and security. And the UK AI sector is predicted to be worth more than £1 trillion by 2035 according to analysts.

But despite the fact we’re using AI every day to some extent with virtual assistants, ecommerce platforms, natural language processing tools and autonomous vehicles, the use of artificial intelligence is suffering something of a public relations crisis. Media headlines around potential scams, global job losses, issues with privacy and security, the lack of transparency, and the end of the world as we know it, has put some companies working in artificial intelligence on the back foot. And this is where AI public relations campaigns can change the narrative.

Artificial intelligence PR activity can help the public and policy makers understand the benefits – and the risks – involved and the positive impact it can have on their lives. PR can educate and clarify misconceptions around artificial intelligence. And, of course, AI PR activity can help you attract investors, form partnerships with like-minded companies and help you bring top talent into the business. In short, AI public relations is essential for building trust and engagement.

“It’s crucial that the real-world benefits of AI on society are communicated clearly and effectively.  Which is why an innovative and powerful AI PR campaign is essential for businesses working in this sector.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

Working with an AI PR London agency

As an AI PR agency, PR Superstar can help you control the narrative around your AI business and connect with diverse audiences, from consumers and businesses to policy makers and investors.

Any AI public relations activity needs to work hard to counteract negative headlines and online conversations. So PR work will focus on positive stories that encourage a more balanced understanding of AI, while addressing concerns around privacy and transparency, and demonstrating how artificial intelligence can be used to solve complex world issues.

PR Superstar’s artificial intelligence PR services include:

  • Outstanding media relations: I have an unbeatable network of tech, science and business journalists and industry influencers at a national and international level. By tapping into this network, I raise the profile of AI companies, generate sales leads and attract investment opportunities.
  • Unbeatable content: Smartly crafted news releases, articles and pitches about the artificial intelligence sector ensure your key messages are communicated, the public is educated, and your company heads are established as industry thought leaders.
  • Social media management: Social media is a part of the PR mix and platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn give AI tech firms the opportunity to get involved in the conversation, to raise your profile and expand your network. A well-thought-through social media strategy ensures community engagement, whatever the platform.

How can AI public relations activity benefit your artificial intelligence business?


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