Book PR: Helping authors and publishers stand out on the shelf

Book PR

With the number of books and ebooks published each year now reaching the 1.6m mark, it can be a struggle for authors and publishing houses to secure those sought-after sales. And that’s especially true if you’re a self-publisher and there’s no book publicity marketing budget available.

So how can book authors make their mark? Through a strategic book PR campaign.

A book public relations campaign involves pitching your story to newspapers, magazines, book review sites and bloggers in order to create a buzz, engage readers, drive sales, build profiles and launch careers. And ultimately, get your book into the hands of the people that matter: book lovers.

“A successful book public relations campaign is all about getting PR for book reviews, organising interviews with the author, and getting heaps of coverage in the online and traditional media. And that’s true irrespective of what type of book it is and whether the author is established or a hot new writer.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

What you can expect from a book PR campaign

PR Superstar is a book public relations firm specialising in creative and cost-effective PR services for publishing houses, self-published authors and published authors.

There are numerous PR firms for authors. But the PR Superstar approach is a little different when it comes to author PR services, and goes beyond the usual book reviews and serialisations.

Instead, I take the time to really understand the author behind the book, their interests and motivations, and how the book came about. I get to know the author’s story as much as the book’s story then create interesting angles around the writer, which gets journalists, influencers and book bloggers wanting to know more.

The length of book PR activity can be anything from a day or two a month over a long period, to a short and intensive period of PR campaigning, depending on the objectives.

And I work with all kinds of writers too, from established book authors to the new and unknown, and from the self-published to the traditionally published.

My services include:

  • Interviews, feature stories and PR for book reviews in print media including newspapers, magazines and supplements; broadcast media including radio, television and podcasts; and online media including niche websites and book blogs
  • Raising profiles of authors to establish their reputation and ensure they’re invited for expert comments, guest articles, interviews and speaking engagements in their specialist areas
  • Book signings and media tours
  • Media training for book authors who want to improve their presentation skills and be better prepared for media interviews.

If you’re a publishing house or a new or established author, find out how my PR services can make your work fly off the shelves.

Book PR

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