Investor Public Relations: Building relationships, attracting investors

Investor PR

Showcasing your business to investors, shareholders or government departments requires a special type of public relations.

Investor public relations, often referred to as just investor relations, ensures an accurate and transparent account of company affairs is portrayed to potential investors and the company is positioned as a ‘good investment’. This is critical if your company is about to be floated on the stock market or is seeking a round of funding.

A successful investor public relations campaign must also be fully integrated with the accounts and legal departments, as well as the executive management team. And any investor relations practitioner must also understand what actions can and cannot be taken from a PR perspective due to regulatory requirements.

When you’re preparing for new investment or a stock market float, you need to shine a light on your company’s successes, its positive financial position, and the innovative and forward-thinking approach of the company’s founders or C-suite executives. A powerful investor relations PR campaign, alongside public relations activity, is essential for building visibility and relationships within the investment and financial community, and ultimately, attracting those all-important investors.

What can you expect from investor public relations activity

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Investor public relations activity may include:

  • Messaging: Ensuring there’s consistent on-brand messaging across the business not only to the financial community, investors and shareholders, but also to employees and customers
  • News releases: Releasing financial information to the investor community
  • Press conferences: Organising and co-ordinating press conferences and shareholder meetings
  • Media training: Ensuring all C-suite personnel including the CEO, CTO and CMO are confident and informed when talking to the financial press
  • Presentations: Making sure all investor presentations are well rehearsed and contain up-to-date and relevant information
  • Organise calendars: Building investor public relations activity around calendar events such as industry trade shows, and banking and finance conferences
  • Media relations: Developing stories and angles about new developments within the business around products, services or personnel that are of interest to the investor audience and business and financial press
  • Co-ordinating investor relations and public relations: Ensuring investor relations activity is in sync with any PR activity
  • Internal communications: Ensuring employees are kept informed about any changes to the company such as a float on the stock exchange, an IPO or merger and acquisition
  • Crisis comms: Handling any crises that arise as a result of financial disclosure.

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Investor PR

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