ESG PR: Public relations for people and the planet


For any sized business, considerations around ESG are high on the agenda.

Simply, ESG refers to how a company manages its environmental and social impacts. And this may include long-term sustainability, diverse workplaces, green energy initiatives, and how climate change is being addressed.

An ESG policy is no longer an optional nice-to-have. Today, stakeholders, clients, investors and employees are putting pressure on companies to be transparent regarding their ESG policies and targets.  Ignore them and you could see employees move to other companies, investors redirect their investments or customers shop elsewhere.

So what’s the best way to showcase your credentials? With a carefully targeted ESG PR campaign.

Social impact PR or ESG PR activity is an essential tool for clearly communicating your Environmental, Social and Governance goals and boosting your credibility with your customers, employees and investors. To avoid accusations of ‘greenwashing’, any PR activity needs to be honest and transparent. Which is why any business that is serious about ESG needs the services of a social impact PR agency.

“ESG affects everyone on the planet and organisations must embrace it fully and share their goals and successes. The only way to do that well is by working with an ESG PR professional.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

Working with an ESG public relations agency

As a social impact agency, PR Superstar can work with you to identify your ESG initiatives that are the most newsworthy, whether you want to communicate your green or sustainability credentials, or want to publicise your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We look at the most appropriate channels to use to reach your target audience, and then devise an ESG PR programme that’s authentic and easily understood.

Our ESG PR services include:

  • Key messaging: Creating key messages that focus on your ESG and social impact success stories and case studies
  • Outstanding media relations: Using an unbeatable network of journalists at a national and international level – as well as bloggers and industry influencers – to secure coverage in ESG-specific publications as well as mainstream media such as the BBC, The FT and The Sunday Times
  • Internal communications: Ensuring employees are kept informed and engaged about ESG targets and encouraging team members to undertake social impact tasks such as volunteering, and energy and waste reduction.

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