Environmental PR: Green campaigns that care for the planet

Environmental PR

In a time of rapid change and challenges, organisations concerned with environmental issues – whether that’s a business launching a green energy initiative or a local government department introducing a sustainability campaign – need to communicate their message to the public in a way that’s clearly understood.

And with more green energy and sustainability businesses coming into the marketplace, competition in the environment sector is on the rise. Brands must find a way to establish themselves in the public’s imagination.

Environmental PR campaigns and strategies help businesses introduce ideas, products, services and new technologies. What’s more they can raise a brand’s profile, generate more business and attract new customers.

“When it comes to making a real change, environmental PR activity is key. It’s about building ‘green’ messages that are simple to understand and really resonate with the public.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

Working with an environmental PR firm

Any progressive organisation that wants to make an environmental change can benefit from environmental public relations activity.

PR Superstar offers environment PR services (including green energy PR and sustainable PR) to a range of businesses: from recycling and waste management companies, to renewables firms and international energy giants, to large corporations looking to highlight their green credentials.

Working closely with you I create multi-channel PR campaigns that build awareness, engage your audience or announce new products or services. I do this by identifying and building high-impact stories around environmental initiatives that appeal to national and international press, consumer and trade publications, and broadcast media, as well as online outlets.

Other environment PR services include:

  • Creating shareable messages that drive environmental change
  • Motivating employees to change policies into practice
  • Presenting new ideas and new approaches to the public
  • Helping you stand out as a thought leader around issues such as green energy or sustainability.

Working in the environment, sustainability or green sectors? Support your efforts with a PR campaign.

Environmental PR

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