Private Equity PR: Using public relations to raise your PE firm’s profile

Private Equity PR

Private equity public relations almost feels like a contradiction in terms. In the past, many PE firms sought privacy and were keen to keep a low profile away from the public and stakeholders. There was little engagement or interaction with the media either, apart from the occasional ‘no comment.’

But the PE landscape is becoming increasingly competitive and crowded, and private equity firms need to work hard to stand out. Investors are not only looking at financial track records when it comes to private equity firms, they’re looking for firms who are ambitious, with a strong brand and profile too.

It’s crucial that private equity firms embrace public relations. A private equity PR campaign can help showcase your specialism, help build deal flow, attract investors, raise market interest prior to a sale or IPO, and expand investor interest before fundraising.

“PE public relations is essential. Private equity PR campaigns can help you source deals, attract and engage with new investors and build awareness and reputation.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

Working with private equity PR firms

An effective PR campaign is about consistency of message and ensuing it runs through all your communications including investor relations, employee comms and media relations.

Media relations is key of course. But it isn’t just sharing stories about your latest transaction; private equity PR is also about building a positive brand name. And this means that in the event of some crisis happening beyond your control, your PE firm has already built in some goodwill with editors and key business writers.

As a PR agency experienced in private equity PR, PR Superstar’s services include:

  • Branding: Ensuring your firm has consistent branding and tone of voice across all touchpoints
  • News stories: Creating stories of your successful investment record, recent investment deals and unique investment approach in order to raise your profile with investors and entrepreneurs
  • Media relations: Working with a network of leading business and finance journalists to talk through particular investments in order to give greater context, and ensuring you receive coverage in the PE media and top-tier publications such as The FT, WSJ and The Economist
  • Crisis communications: Protecting the reputation of your business through careful PR activity before a story takes hold, and responding quickly and proportionally
  • Thought leadership: Positioning you and your investment team as ambitious thought leaders through speaking engagements, white papers, opinion pieces and industry commentary to the private equity media
  • Social engagement: Using social media to amplify the story, relationship build, and expand customer engagement
  • Media training: Ensuring teams are confident speaking to the media or presenting to investors and conferences, including how to pivot to key messages and how to answer tough questions.

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Private Equity PR

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