Agritech PR: Helping agtech firms grow their share of the market

Agriculture technology (or agritech or agtech as it’s often known) is a rapidly expanding sector that covers a wide range of technologies, products and services. From supply chain management and animal welfare to crop growing efficiency and automated harvesting: agritech is helping to tackle the agriculture industry’s biggest challenges.

While investors are keen to invest in agritech, farmers can be slow to adopt these new technologies, despite the fact it gives them an opportunity to maximise their yields.

The challenge for agritech companies then is twofold: to compete for attention from investors and customers as more and more agtech products enter the market and competition hots up. And to educate famers and remove barriers to technology adoption.

This is why agritech PR activity is an essential part of any agtech company’s marketing strategy.

A comprehensive agtech PR campaign that specifically targets farmers can educate them on the benefits of the latest technologies. While an agtech PR campaign aimed at investors can help build a strong, reliable and trustworthy presence in the market.

“With the agriculture sector becoming more competitive than ever, tailored agritech PR can help agtech businesses differentiate themselves from their competitors and engage with customers, stakeholders and investors effectively.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

What you can expect from working with an agtech PR agency

PR Superstar works with everyone in the sector from innovative agritech start-ups looking for focused PR activity in order to make inroads into the market to established agriculture technology brands that want to go global or rethink their comms strategy.

All agritech PR activity is goal-oriented whether that’s increasing brand awareness, establishing you or your business as a thought leader, engaging with customers, educating the industry, generating leads or hosting events.

PR Superstar’s agtech PR services include:

  • Media relations: Using outstanding media relations with journalists, editors and broadcasters to secure coverage in industry publications including The Grocer and Farmers Weekly, as well as the national mass media
  • Messaging: Creating strong brand messaging that’s right for the audience, whether that’s farmers or investors, and ensuring there’s consistent on-brand messaging at every touchpoint across the business
  • Content creation: Creating content such as news releases, features and case studies that educate the target audience
  • Social media: Creating content for appropriate social media platforms such as LinkedIn that engages your audience of customers, investors and partners
  • SEO: Ensuring your business is found by the search engines with relevant and keyword rich content
  • Thought leadership: Establishing your business as thought leaders and pioneers in the agritech sector through white papers, podcasts, conferences, round tables, authored articles and guest posts on innovative and emerging trends
  • Media training: Giving you the confidence to stay on message during interviews and learn how to deliver an engaging speech.

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