B2B PR: Improving communications with stakeholders

Many B2B companies struggle to get the recognition, awareness and reputation they need to drive sustainable growth, and would benefit considerably from PR activity.

So what is B2B PR? It’s that specialist area of public relations that helps businesses sell more products or services to other businesses.

But, of course, that’s not all it can do. A clever PR strategy can help you:

  • Build your reputation within your industry: PR activity shines a light on your achievements, your ways of working and establishes you as an industry thought leader
  • Generate a positive image: It’s a noisy landscape and it’s easy to be known as just ‘another supplier’. PR helps you build a positive and memorable brand that helps you stand out from the crowd
  • Help your sales team: As the buying process can be long, a good PR strategy will reach your buyers throughout the duration of the sales process. By promoting positive messages and stories, PR can help push the sale over the line
  • Improve relationships: public relations can help you better connect with customers, suppliers and industry experts. But positive news stories about the business also increase loyalty and staff retention and make it easier to attract and recruit new talent to the organisation.

“It’s too easy to think PR only works for B2C. Not so. A solid, forward-thinking B2B public relations strategy helps businesses discover new markets and connect with those partners, customers, suppliers and investors that can help businesses grow and achieve huge success.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

PR Superstar’s approach to B2B Public Relations

I start with the question: what are you trying to achieve? What are your business objectives? More leads? An increase in conversion rates? Raising your profile?

Once the end goals are known, I extensively research your customers, prospects and competitors before creating a strategy that’s creative, innovative and results-driven.

I work closely with you to establish your positioning and key messages, and use compelling storytelling to reach out to industry journalists and key influencers. Years of experience, coupled with enviable media relations, means I regularly secure coverage for my clients in The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and industry publications, as well as on the BBC and Sky News TV channels.

In addition, crisis comms, media training, social media guidance and influencer marketing are offered as part of my services too.

Discover how B2B public relations can support the success of your business.


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