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MedTech PR

The rapid growth of innovative medical technology – or medtech – in the last two decades means people are now living longer, healthier lives.

From mobile apps and robotic surgery to digital therapeutics and AI: medtech has come a long way since x-ray machines were first invented. But like any technology sector, the landscape is crowded, and regulations can be complicated.

Of course, every medtech company is driven by the desire to improve the patient healthcare experience. But every company must also work hard to gain recognition and stand out from their competitors.

This is where a comprehensive medtech PR strategy comes in.

Medtech PR activity is a powerful tool that helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors. But it also gives you an opportunity to educate and build trust with your audience too, whether that’s healthcare professionals, hospital administrators, the general public or government departments. And of course, medtech PR activity helps with lead generation and attracting interest from investors.

“A well-thought-out medtech PR campaign is vital for educating the audience about complex medical technology and for building brand recognition. It’s invaluable for helping medtech companies communicate their USP.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

Working with a medtech PR consultant

Any medtech PR strategy starts with a clear goal of what needs to be achieved, and the audience that needs to be reached.

It’s this audience – whether that’s healthcare professionals, policy makers, investors or the general public – that dictates the media outlets targeted. A multi-channel approach is often used. So as well as seeking coverage in newspapers, and medical and technology journals, other channels and platforms are also employed, such as social media, podcasts and online professional sites.

PR Superstar’s medtech PR services include:

  • Content creation and distribution: Creating engaging stories around new technologies and innovations and sharing content across multiple channels
  • Media relations: Using an enviable network of journalists, editors, bloggers and influencers to secure coverage in international, national, medical and technology publications and newspapers, from The Daily Telegraph and The Financial Times to The British Medical Journal and The Lancet
  • Messaging: Ensuring there’s consistent on-brand messaging across the business, not only to the medical and technology community but to investors, shareholders and employees as well
  • Social media: Using various social media platforms to reach a particular niche audience
  • Product launches: Securing coverage and media interest at new product launches
  • Media training: Ensuring you and senior members of the team are comfortable in front of the camera and are on-message
  • Thought leadership: Establishing your medtech company as thought leaders in this sector, through speaking engagements, conferences, round tables, white papers and editorial think pieces.

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MedTech PR

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