Insurance PR: Ensuring you’re fully covered when it comes to public relations

Insurance PR

Insurance may be one of life’s essentials. But it’s a crowded sector and highly competitive. So how can you help consumers and businesses make the right choice when it comes to insurance?

With a smart and targeted insurance PR campaign.

Insurance public relations activity ensures consumers and businesses have a clear understanding of your brand and your USPs. And it gives you an opportunity to build trust with your audience, generate sales leads and increase your market share.

“We know the insurance industry is competitive. So insurance PR helps my clients stand out by using storytelling and success stories to raise brand awareness.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

Working with an insurance PR agency

As an experienced insurance PR consultancy, PR Superstar works with numerous businesses within the insurance sector including underwriters, brokers and agencies.

With an understanding of the challenges faced and the regulations that need to be adhered to, PR Superstar can design and execute a strategic and results-driven insurance PR campaign that sets you apart from your competitors.

PR Superstar’s insurance PR services include:

  • Messaging: The first step in an insurance PR campaign is to ensure there’s cohesive, defined messaging right across the organisation that reflects what you stand for as an insurance business, as well as highlighting your history, USPs and goals.
  • Content creation for different audiences: B2C and B2B audiences need a different approach. So PR Superstar creates shareable content that has been carefully tailored to a particular audience whether that’s B2C, B2B or investors.
  • Media relations: Over the years, PR Superstar has developed strong relationships with key journalists, editors and broadcasters that ensures your insurance business receives outstanding media coverage.
  • Thought leadership: I ensure you and your organisation are seen as a knowledgeable resource and at the forefront of the insurance sector through conference speaking, white papers, podcasts, webinars, blogs and op-ed pieces, which all help to build your reputation.
  • Media training: Through personalised media training I ensure your senior management team are clear and informed when they’re interviewed by broadcasters or journalists, and that they represent your insurance business in the best way possible.
  • Social media management: Social media is a part of the PR mix. A clever social media strategy, which may include working with industry influencers, helps you to engage with customers and build relationships, increase brand visibility and awareness, and generate leads.
  • Crisis communications: Insurance is a trust-based business. Crisis comms protects the reputation of your business through careful PR activity and comms management before a story takes hold by responding quickly and proportionally.

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Insurance PR

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