Deeptech PR: Helping deeptech companies communicate complex ideas

Deeptech PR

Deeptech (also called future tech, emerging tech, disruptive tech or hard tech) is all about offering cutting-edge technology solutions to solve global challenges and bring about fundamental change and real-world benefits.

We’re now seeing deeptech impact areas such as robotics, agriculture, aerospace, green energy, smart cities and medical devices.

But if you’re working in deeptech, there are numerous challenges to overcome. The deeptech arena can be noisy and competitive with new start-ups regularly entering the fray. Secondly, you have to convince investors to make large capital investments, when commercialisation and reward is a long way down the road. Thirdly, any deepetch business must convey complex ideas around the science as simply as possible.

This is where a deeptech PR programme is essential.

Deeptech PR activity can break down highly technical information, showcase benefits and help build brand awareness, attract potential investors and deliver commercial success.

“Deeptech PR is much more than announcing a successful funding round in a news release. Deeptech PR gives you the opportunity longer-term to build your reputation and credibility with potential customers, investors and wider society.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

Working with a deeptech PR consultant

PR Superstar is experienced in the technology sector and works closely with deeptech companies to develop messaging and stories that showcase the value of deeptech technology, whether that’s via social media campaigns, a press event or ongoing media relations.

PR Superstar’s deeptech PR services include:

  • Outstanding media relations: Using an unbeatable network of journalists – as well as bloggers and industry influencers – to secure coverage in specialist technology media from TechCrunch to Sifted, as well as the dedicated tech, finance and business pages on the UK national and international press
  • Unbeatable content: Crafting smart and compelling news releases, articles and pitches about the deeptech landscape that are timely, insightful and relevant for target audiences, to ensure your key messages are communicated clearly
  • Media days: Inviting journalists and key opinion leaders to see the technology first-hand and discover how it might be applied to real world situations
  • Case studies: Preparing case studies to showcase your technology, functionalities, real world applications and USPs to use on your website, social media channels and for funding rounds
  • Thought leadership: Establishing your deeptech business as a thought leader in your sector by using your business’s internal expertise and industry knowledge to produce valuable thought leadership content
  • Social media management: Using social media messaging across various platforms to raise the profile of your deeptech business, expand your network and ensure you’re part of the conversation
  • Media training: Ensuring your CEO or founders can convey the company’s vision, ideas and milestones clearly.

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Deeptech PR

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