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Looking for a UK PR agency? You’ve probably already discovered there are hundreds (if not thousands) of UK PR companies to choose from. You may have already scrolled through a list of ‘Top UK PR agencies’ and they all look great. But how can you find the right PR firm for you, your brand and your business?

To help you out, here are the top seven questions you MUST ask any prospective PR agency (PR Superstar included!) before signing a contract.

1. Who will work on the account?

If it’s a large PR agency, chances are your first meeting will be with members of the senior team. But after that, who will be running your account on a day-to-day basis? It could be that a more junior member of staff will take over, who hasn’t got the same experience. If it’s a smaller PR company or a freelance PR consultant, chances are the person you first meet with or speak to will be the person actually doing the work. So, ask the question: who will run my account and what’s their experience?

2. How much time will you spend on my account?

This will depend on the goals of your campaign, of course. But any top UK PR agency worth their salt will be very clear from the outset as to how much time will be spent on your account and the realistic results you should expect from that amount of input.

3. What results have you achieved for clients in the past?

Chances are you’ll speak to a number of UK PR companies before you make a decision about who to work with. With any agency, always ask to look at their PR success stories or case studies. Too many agencies say they’ll get coverage, but will they? If you want to be featured in the top UK or international broadsheets or you want to be on the BBC or Sky News for example, make sure the PR agency you choose has achieved this in the past with other clients.

4. What experience have you got with my industry?

Has this PR agency worked with other companies who are in the same sector or industry as yours? It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, and sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes on a new campaign. But a PR agency who ONLY does consumer PR for beauty brands may struggle to provide public relations services for a business-to-business campaign for instance.

5. Who are some of your other clients?

Have a look at the types of clients each PR firm is working with. Are they similar in size to your own business? A PR agency that ONLY works with big international corporates may not be the right fit for you if you’re a local start-up with a small budget. The opposite may also be true. Take a look at each agency’s client testimonials. And talk to former or current clients too.

6. Do you work with international clients or on international campaigns?

A UK PR agency will, of course, have UK based clients. But what if you’re based in Hong Kong, Dubai or the USA and you’re looking to break into the UK market? Choosing a UK PR company with experience of working with international clients is essential. So, again, browse your potential agency’s portfolio for successful PR campaigns for international clients. (See PR Superstar’s PR campaign for Balsam Hill.) Or maybe you’re a UK-based company looking for international coverage. Has your agency secured coverage in the likes of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and China Daily or on CNN, Fox News and BBC News World?

7. How will results be measured?

The return on your investment is key. Top UK PR companies will give you a series of key performance indicators (KPIs) that will show you how your PR activity is progressing. Targets should be set at the beginning of the campaign and the results communicated to you throughout. These could be tangible: press coverage in certain publications or an increase in web traffic. Or non-tangible: raised awareness of your brand in your industry or your chief exec becoming a sought-after speaker.

8. How do you charge?

Different UK PR agencies offer different ways to pay. It’s usually by project fee, retainer or billable hours. So you need to decide whether it’s more useful for budgeting purposes to know exactly how much your monthly invoice will be. Or whether you want to pay on a more ad hoc basis for PR services you’ve received that month.

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