Political PR: Using public relations in politics to connect and influence the electorate

Politics PR

Politicians on all sides of the political spectrum are under constant public scrutiny. Which is why political PR plays such a key role in political life, whether that’s at a local level or on the national or international stage.

Politicians are more prone to ‘mis-speaks’. And, of course, opposition parties will always be looking to dig up dirt. Politics can be a brutal arena. So it’s up to PR professionals to react quickly to an escalating situation and control it calmly and discreetly.

But, of course, political public relations isn’t just about crisis communications. Public relations in politics is also about news management and media relations. and raising awareness around ideas, garnering support, building trust and creating a positive personal image.

A politician’s image, and how they’re judged by the court of public opinion, is critical when it comes to election time. It’s important to be visible. So political PR activity will also ensure attendance at the right conferences, speaking engagements and debates.

In short, public relations in politics is a strategic tool that helps you connect to your audience and helps build a mutually beneficial relationship with the voting public.

“Political PR isn’t just about protecting reputations. PR campaigning is also about securing opportunities, raising awareness about particular causes and building trust with the electorate.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

Working with a political PR agency

Political PR activity covers a wide range of services from media training to personal PR. For any PR activity, I start with the question: what are you trying to achieve? Then I go about creating a tailored PR strategy to help you do that.

PR Superstar’s political PR services include:

  • News coverage: Engaging with political journalists, editors and commentators to ensure your opinions, latest projects, campaigns, and initiatives are covered in the likes of The Times, The Telegraph and The Economist
  • Crisis communications: Creating a flexible crisis communication plan and then handling unfolding events calmly and swiftly
  • Personal PR and reputation management: Growing your reputation through positive messaging, and improved audience engagement and working to reduce negative search results and messaging
  • Media training: Giving you the confidence to stay on-message during interviews and learning how to deliver an engaging message on TV and radio
  • Issues management: Making sure key issues are conveyed through speeches, platform statements and debates
  • Social media management: Ensuring social media accounts are handled effectively through appropriate training and account management.

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Political PR

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