Manufacturing PR: Building and delivering power PR campaigns

Manufacturing PR

The UK may have reduced its manufacturing output in the last 50 years but it still employs nearly three million people and is in the top ten when it comes to global manufacturing nations.

But, as you know, the manufacturing sector is constantly being challenged by competition from other parts of the world such as China, Japan and the US. So it’s vital that companies working in manufacturing are vocal about the work that they’re doing and the point of difference they provide.

This is where manufacturing PR activity is essential.

An innovative manufacturing industry PR campaign – whether that’s business to consumer or business to business – can help build brand awareness, manage reputations, engage with your target audience, help lobby for change and ultimately, drive growth.

“The manufacturing landscape is challenging. Clever PR activity ensures manufacturing companies can raise their profiles, increase visibility and be competitive.”Jill Kent, PR Superstar

Working with a manufacturing PR agency

Whether you’re a manufacturing company with a focus on food and beverages, textiles, transportation or electrical equipment and appliances, PR Superstar has all the experience to design and deliver a results-driven manufacturing industry PR campaign with real impact.

We start with your long-term business goals, whether that’s creating new leads or building a reputation in an emerging market. Then we create a powerful manufacturing PR campaign using compelling stories that appeal to diverse audiences, in both the national press and trade media.

A manufacturing PR campaign could include:

  • Media coverage: Putting an integrated media strategy in place and working with a network of journalists and influencers to ensure coverage in the national, consumer and trade press.
  • Thought leadership: Positioning your management team as trusted experts in your field through a series of white papers, influential roundtable events and social media profiles including LinkedIn.
  • Influencer engagement: Working closely with leading consumer influencers to arrange product testing and reviews coverage.
  • Social media campaigns: Using appropriate social channels to listen to and engage with your target audiences.
  • Digital campaigns: Creating content for SEO purposes in order to make your online offering more visible and drive traffic to your website.
  • Crisis PR: Handling any bad publicity around a particular product or service quickly, calmly and effectively.

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Manufacturing PR

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