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William Pullen, Founder and Owner, Dynamic Running Therapy

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Background and Brief

William Pullen, a celebrity psychotherapist with a private practice in Kensington, created Dynamic Running Therapy or DRT that combines running in parks and open spaces with traditional talk therapy. Ideal for addressing issues of stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and trauma, running therapy is less confrontational than a room or an office, as the therapist and client literally run side by side. The shared journey can lead to a strong sense of connection and collaboration with the therapist and make for a more trusting relationship. DRT sessions are held in West London and Central London and cost £150 per hour.

Pullen asked me to raise awareness of Dynamic Running Therapy amongst his target audiences by generating regular media coverage for the business.

Campaign and Results

I offered journalists DRT sessions with Pullen in Hyde Park in return for reviews. And by working my way through health, lifestyle and feature editors in the London media, the nationals, weekend supplements, glossy magazines, and online media, I achieved a ton of media coverage.

In press materials, I highlighted how DRT was very different to conventional therapy with the beauty, space and smells found in parks and open spaces allowing the client to have a greater perspective on their worries and pain. To be inclusive, I stressed that DRT is not a fitness programme and can include walking and even sitting, as well as running.

The Times asked me for an exclusive feature, and the other quality national newspapers soon followed. With DRT being London-based, I put an emphasis on PR in the capital and generated half-page picture stories in both Metro and The London Evening Standard. Media interest in DRT has continued and to date I have arranged trial sessions with editors and writers from the UK’s top lifestyle magazines including GQ, Esquire, Vogue, Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Health, Stylist, Grazia, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Red.

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