7 Reasons Why London is the Perfect Place for PR

When it comes to PR activity, there are few places in the world quite as happening as our bustling capital.

In fact, Ab Fab’s Edina Monsoon summed up the cruxes of PR best: “I PR things! People. Places. Concepts.” Three things London has in excellent supply. But besides that, what makes it such a goldmine for getting heaps of PR coverage and recognition?

Hungry, hungry journos

Like a falling tree, a PR campaign is only as good as the noise it makes. So make sure someone’s around to hear it. Fortunately, London is swarming with journos and snap-happy paparazzi, all hungry for a scoop and the latest big-thing. If you’ve got a really juicy story, a photo op, or an attention-seeking PR stunt, there are plenty of people around who are eager to fill their pages.

Bloody cool venues

Whether you’re planning an uber-cool tech launch or a classy (ahem) C-lister soiree, the capital has the perfect place to host all kinds of events, no matter how unique it is. Need a 1920s, Havana-themed joint? Check out Burlock. A moody, antiquated cocktail bar? Take a look at the Victorian Bath House. And don’t forget all the ritzy hotels, airy galleries, and stunning rooftop terraces too.

Ad space galore

And if you’re combining PR activity with paid ad space, London certainly doesn’t lack choice. You’ve got great big neon signs, ye olde double-decker buses, and the people-packed Underground, where commuters would rather look at anything other than another commuter. While this presents plenty of opportunity and creative ways in which to advertise, you’ll need to up your game to hold your own against the competition. The average London commuter sees more than 130 adverts during a 45-minute commute.

Red carpet photo ops

From Leicester Square premieres to product launches, red carpet events and London go together like avo and toast. If you’re trying to get yourself noticed, a few rounds on the circuit is a good bet for getting some glitzy press coverage on the social pages.


You can’t get drunk in London these days without stumbling into a networking event. From stuffy and strait-laced business dos, to glittery parties filled with champagne-quaffing people with made-up jobs like ‘spiritual energy consultant’, there’s plenty of opportunity to connect to the right people.

Celebs aplenty

From national treasures like Stephen Fry, to career-carving cast members of Love Island, London is a cornucopia of famous faces. That, paired with the who’s who of talent and modelling agencies in the city, makes finding someone to promote or support your product easier here than just about anywhere.

The need for speed

Whether you’re after an army of cardboard cut-outs, a customised car, three life-sized palm trees or a buffet of Japanese finger food, you can get it in London – and you can get it fast. Given that timing is everything when it comes to PR, that’s always useful.

But there’s stiff competition

If you’re a London-based business or London entrepreneur, you already know there’s plenty of competition in the capital.

But things happen in the capital that just don’t happen anywhere else in the world. And this is where PR activity can really come into its own.

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