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“On the first day I started working with Jill Kent, she got me a big article in The London Evening Standard. That one article brought me more revenue than the entire cost of PR Superstar for that year.”

Tim Walker, Founder, Evolve Fitness

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Background and Brief

After the successful PR launch of men-only Warrior Workout, health and fitness entrepreneur Tim Walker again turned to PR Superstar, this time to raise awareness of newly-created Warrior Woman Workout at his gyms located in the City of London.
Similar to the male version, the female fitness programme is aimed at ‘guilty over achievers’ (GOAs): successful professionals, aged 25 – 45, living and working in the financial and commercial heart of London. Using unconventional equipment such as sledgehammers, climbing ropes, metal chains and even a sled, the four-times-a-week no-nonsense body transformation programme delivers 121 personal training over 12-weeks plus nutrition, diet and lifestyle plans, leaving Warriors totally in control of their body as the complete package and as women who have everything!

Walker is founder of elite fitness company Evolve Fitness and his trainers include a former Royal Marine, an ex-professional footballer, a bodybuilding champion who gained a top five world ranking, and a former professional ballerina.

Campaign and Results

Similar to the PR for male-only Warrior Workout, the London and national press, glossy weekend supplements, luxury lifestyle magazines, quality fitness publications and high-ranking online media were targeted for this latest health and fitness PR campaign. Depending upon the publication, its reach and target demographic, female journalists were able to trial one or two Warrior sessions, or a whole month’s worth of training, or even the entire 12-weeks of the women’s fitness programme.

My eye-catching press release immediately caught the attention of health, fitness, wellness, beauty, lifestyle and feature writers and editors, from Marie Claire to Vogue and The Daily Telegraph to The Sunday Times. Despite the Warrior Woman Workout being gruelling, to put it mildly, and journalists being hugely time-pressured, those who were interested were happy to commit and impressively stayed the course. Walker and his team also penned expert articles, including exercises and fitness tips, which proved popular with the press.

As well as securing quality coverage on top-ranking magazine and newspaper websites such as MailOnline, including highly-prized backlinks to the Evolve Fitness website; other PR highlights included a full-page review in The Daily Telegraph and a double-page spread in Women’s Health, one of the UK’s best-selling women’s magazines.

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