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Andy Scott, Founder and Chairman, REL Capital

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Background and Brief

After working with the UK’s biggest PR agencies that left him feeling disillusioned, serial entrepreneur Andy Scott made a beeline for PR Superstar – bowled over by both the quality and quantity of my media coverage, delivered consistently with each and every client.

Scott is a company turnaround king, taking firms on the verge of going bust and making them successful. His secret for success is that many troubled businesses can have a bright future if you have the patience to turn them around. Indeed in his case, they are now on a high-growth trajectory, safeguarding over 1,000 British jobs. He does this via his UK turnaround investment company REL Capital, headquartered in Soho, which is set to turn over £50M with 650 staff in 2020 despite launching only three years ago. However, the fortysomething businessman has had to turn around his own life too, battling bankruptcy and mental illness when “I lost it all” in the 2008 global financial crash.

I was hired to raise his profile as a successful serial entrepreneur across TV & radio, the London and national press, and high-ranking online media.

Campaign and Results

Using my journalistic insight, I crafted a press release charting Scott’s inspirational story, full of highs and lows, and told how he had to rebuild both himself and his business empire from scratch after he lost it all. I talked about his rags-to-riches background – beginning his working life as a nightclub doorman, aged 16, before becoming an uber-successful property entrepreneur in just a matter of years through sheer hard work and perseverance, as well as brains and brawn. He owned yachts, drove Ferraris, and even qualified as a pilot, flying himself around Europe on his own private plane for business and pleasure. I highlighted how he had made his first million in his early-20s before getting financially wiped out in the global financial crisis, which cost him £6M. I explained how things went from bad to worse when he was involved in a serious road traffic accident and both his legs and all his fingers were broken. Unsurprisingly after these traumas, depression set in. Far from wanting to conceal this, Scott was happy to speak openly about his mental health struggles, which the press warmed to. They were amazed to hear how he bounced back from these multiple dramas to make a million-pounds-plus for a second time.

I encouraged journalists to meet Scott face-to-face at his HQ in Central London, knowing that he’d win them over with his story-telling abilities and natural charm. When he was abroad on business – he has homes in Malta and the South of France and in Chelsea in the UK – we resorted to media interviews over the phone or via e-mail. Highlights of our personal profile PR campaign included full-page photo features in The FT and The London Evening Standard, and broadcast coverage on national BBC TV & Radio, plus BBC News Online, the sixth most visited website in Britain.

I have now been hired by Scott for a third time to PR him and his growing portfolio of 10 turnaround SME enterprises, this time focused on securing TV appearances.

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