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“The phone has not stopped ringing with new inquiries. Thank you! I cannot speak highly enough of Jill Kent, or her PR services. She will always go well above and beyond the call of duty to ensure we get maximum exposure. She is personable, but ruthlessly driven and efficient at the same time – a PR Superstar in every sense of the word.”

Richard Reid, Founder and Managing Director, Pinnacle Therapy

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Background and Brief

Pinnacle Therapy founder and A-list psychologist Richard Reid has two specialist treatment centres in London, including Harley Street, and a team of 10 therapists working with him. I have run many successful PR campaigns for Reid since 2009, the latest around a new prime time TV entertainment series on Sky 1 called Fright Club. In the show, Reid stars as the resident psychology expert who has to help people whose lives have been blighted by extreme phobias. I was asked to be a publicist for Reid and the show.

In addition, Richard Reid asked me to launch his ‘Charisma Masterclass’ to the media. In the Masterclass Reid teaches people how to master the ‘magical’ quality and unleash that elusive ‘wow’ factor enabling them to get what they want, from whom they want.

Campaign and Results

I organised an event billed as the UK’s first ever ‘Charisma Masterclass’ and transformed Richard from Mr Reid into ‘Mr Charisma.’ I also invited journalists to have their very own 1-2-1 ‘Charisma Masterclass’ with Reid to generate pre-publicity ahead of the first class. The Times and BBC asked for print and TV exclusives. Different angles were given to the charisma story depending on the type of publication targeted including sex and relationships, career and business, celebrity, and personal development.

As well as his TV appearance on Sky 1 Fright Club, I drummed up sizeable features around Reid as one of Britain’s leading phobia experts in The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and The Independent together with TV interviews on Sky News Sunrise and ITV Good Morning Britain.

The ‘Charisma Masterclass’ enjoyed a second round of national coverage in 2015 after I linked it to the UK General Election 2015 and the six party leaders’ charisma levels – or rather, lack of – attracting oodles of TV coverage for Reid as THE charisma expert.

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