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Edward Holroyd Pearce, Co-Founder and Co-Director, CRCC Asia

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Background and Brief

Following a recommendation by another PR Superstar client, global recruitment company CRCC Asia hired me to help grow awareness of their services in the UK and US, their two major markets. With 11 offices internationally including London, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, San Francisco, Sydney and Toronto, CRCC Asia specialises in connecting China and the global community through consulting, a range of intensive courses, and internships. With a turnover of £4m and 60+ staff, the company is the world’s largest organiser of internships in China having arranged more than 5,000 work experience placements for graduates to date.

Mandarin, Thai and Cantonese-speaking entrepreneur and CRCC Asia co-founder Edward Holroyd Pearce asked me to generate media coverage about their China Internship Programme with in-depth and high-impact coverage in influential UK and US business media in particular. I was also asked to handle personal PR for Pearce and his co-founder Daniel Nivern.

Campaign and Results

In all the press materials, I focused on the wider trend of young job hunters packing their bags and travelling abroad to get CV-boosting work experience.

I included headline-grabbing statistics from CRCC Asia including the prediction that 25,000 young people globally would travel to China in the coming year for work experience, with the company seeing demand for their China internships rocket by 300%. I also put together a series of case studies featuring American and European graduates who had completed internships in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai across a range of industries from law and finance, to fashion and global charities, who the press could interview, photograph and film.

With the area of internships often attracting negative press, I stressed CRCC Asia’s impressive credentials and connections, emphasising partnerships with the likes of KPMG, The Institute of Chartered Accountants, and Tsinghua University in Beijing. I also focused on the story of CRCC Asia, founded by Mandarin-speaking, China-obsessed, young British entrepreneurs Edward Holroyd Pearce and Daniel Nivern, who met at The School of Oriental and African Studies at The University of London. This angle pricked the interest of business editors on the nationals.

Student press was also targeted. And interviews with high-calibre press such as The FT and The London Evening Standard were arranged at eateries in Chinatown and at the company’s HQ in London’s financial centre. Journalists and producers in Beijing, New York and San Francisco were also approached with The Wall Street Journal running a whole-page feature on the business.

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