Woman takes pic of You Sushi's new shop sign as part of PR stunt

September’s Shiniest PR Stunts

From beautifully executed marketing moves to shameless attention grabs, September certainly didn’t scrimp on the PR. Here are the PR stunts that got us talking the most this month.

YO! Sushi gives customers more than a mouthful

YO! Sushi got tongues twisting this month by dishing up a fresh new rebrand. In a move designed to remind the public that they’re not all about raw fish, they changed their name to the slightly longer, and slightly less catchy “YO!SushiRamenKatsuStirfryCurryBaoBurgerGyozaFriesYakisobaMochiBallsFriedChickenPopcornShrimpBeefTeriyakiChocolateBrownie!”

To accompany the change, the restaurant’s Richmond branch was treated to some shiny new signage – a slightly-too-long 12-foot of it, to accommodate all 121 characters. Customers were then challenged to upload videos of themselves saying the tongue-twister on social media, with the chance of winning a £50 voucher if they nailed it. Fortunately for its marketing department, the change was only temporary, with the brand switching to the simpler “YO!” instead.

ABC Australia advertises a helpline for men triggered by Greta Thunberg

If there’s one person everyone’s been talking about this month, it’s 16-year-old Greta Thunberg – a fierce-beyond-her-years environmental activist from Sweden, who hit the headlines this month after her rousing speech at the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit. And for serving President Trump some serious RBF, of course.

Unsurprisingly her efforts earned her some angry middle-aged male haters, so ABC Australia promptly stepped in to mock them. The broadcaster produced a hilarious two-minute long spoof advert, promoting a fictional helpline where counsellors were on hand to soothe angry middle-aged men before they went “full caps lock in an article comments section”. Greta herself was a fan of the ad, retweeting it and assuring her haters that help was on the way.

Mature mag Platinum makes a sassy debut

Apparently the biggest women’s magazine launch in over a decade, Platinum Magazine made its debut this month, and it certainly didn’t make a quiet entrance. The campaign for the new monthly title, aimed at women over the age of 55, was the brainchild of Scottish agency Wire, and featured empowering portraits of older women captioned with statements like “I swiped right, why not?” and “I’m having the best sex of my life. Finally”. We’re happy for you, Susan.

Platinum Editor Ali Kirker said: “Our research has consistently shown women who are over 55, the majority of whom are entering a new life phase, feel there isn’t a magazine that informs and reflects their life”. She went on to say: “Platinum is for women who are up-to-date in both style and attitude, confident, engaged and interested in exploring the world around them.” This is one to watch.

Bitchy Burger King clowns McDonald’s. Again

Just when we think the Burger King vs. McDonald’s saga has gone a bit quiet, it all kicks off again – and this time, it was Burger King stirring the pot. To coincide with the film release of It Chapter Two, the fast food chain thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take a creative dig at their clown-loving rivals – by offering McDonald’s customers refuge from clowns in their restaurants. Assisted with geo-targeting tech, Burger King invited social media users to use their app, where they’d find an ‘Escape the Clown’ feature. When activated at a McDonald’s restaurant, it provided a ‘flee and run’ route to their nearest Burger King restaurant – where a discounted one cent whopper would be waiting if they made it in time.

The crafty move follows their anti-McDonald’s stunt after the German premiere of the first It film back in 2017 – when they projected the message “Never Trust a Clown” on to the screen, just before the credits rolled. We’re waiting for the clapback…

King Kong gets back up the Empire State Building

King Kong has long been associated with the Empire State Building – ever since his silver screen debut in 1933, when he scrambled up the structure like one of those YouTube daredevils (but without the GoPro or a disregard for his mother). This month it was announced that the overgrown simian had returned, this time as one of the attractions of the Empire State Building’s newly renovated museum.

Situated on the building’s second floor, the 10,000-square-foot museum is packed with immersive exhibits, detailing everything from the building’s construction and early history, to its rise as an architectural icon. King Kong can be found peering through windows of a replica 1930s office, which has been partially destroyed by his great big, photo op-ready hands.

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