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“PR Superstar generated thousands of enquiries and bookings for our new business.”

Sofia Benke, co-founder and co-director, The Salt Cave

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Background and Brief

I was hired by The Salt Cave’s owners to launch their natural health centre to the press and to reach out to its target audience to publicise this healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

The hi-tech and therapeutic clinic in a converted church in Wandsworth, London has walls, ceiling and floors covered with a ton of salt from the Red Sea. In addition, a special machine grinds up dry rock salt and releases the tiny particles, invisible to the naked eye, into the chamber or cave where clients can simply relax on comfy chairs and inhale the dry, salt-enriched air into their lungs. This treatment can bring immense relief to people – especially children – suffering from a wide range of respiratory conditions and allergies, as well as alleviating stress, combating sleeping disorders, improving general wellbeing and enhancing sports performance for athletes.

Campaign and Results

As a result of the successful PR campaign, more than 25,000 adults and children have now visited The Salt Cave, and there is now a chain of caves across the UK.

How did I do it? I launched a multi-pronged PR campaign, targeting the London and national press, TV, children’s media, women’s and men’s health and lifestyle media, and sports media. By labelling The Allergy and Asthma Clinic, as it was then known, as the UK’s first ever ‘Salt Cave,’ I whipped up interest in the press and secured a ton of coverage.

In all the publicity, The Salt Cave’s many therapeutic and sports performance-enhancing benefits were highlighted and I included NHS statistics about the numbers of people in the UK suffering from these conditions. I stressed the fact that salt therapy is a 100% natural, drug-free treatment and offered up clinical trials as supporting evidence, together with interviews with the clinic’s medical expert, as well as its owners. Journalists with asthma and allergies were invited to test-drive The Salt Cave for themselves and write about their experiences.

The Daily Mail ran a double-page spread on the clinic, together with a headline across the top of its front page after I arranged for an exclusive. Coverage in every other national newspaper, from The Sun to The Sunday Times, soon followed. A particular focus was placed on children’s media, with stories appearing in First News, the UK’s only newspaper for young people, to BBC1 Newsround which came out to report from The Salt Cave. I took the coverage global with features on CNN International, Fox News and ABC News, which brought people from as far away as the US, Australia and Asia to The Salt Cave’s doors eager to try it out.

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